Lampropeltis webbi

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Scientific name Lampropeltis webbi
English name Webb’s Kingsnake; Sinaloan Mountain Kingsnake
Distribution The extremely rough, densely vegetated Barranca area on both sides of the Sinaloa-Durango border in Mexico. This area is very dangerous due to the drug trafficking taking place there and does not invite more research into the habitat of this species.
Habitat Mixed boreal-tropical mountainous forest area. Probably also other areas, but not yet known (see “Distribution”)
Details This species has only recently been described (2005).

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Bryson, R. W., Jr., J. R. Dixon, and D. Lazcano. 2005. New species of Lampropeltis (Serpentes: Colubridae) from the Sierra Madre Occidental, México. Journal of Herpetology 39(2):207–214. 

Only a few specimen of this species are known. These were found along Highway 40, on both sides of the Sinaloa-Durango border in the Sierra Madre Occidental.

About the size, there is little more to say than that the few specimen that are known until now, are all smaller than 70 cm.

Based on mtDNA data L. webbi is related to L. pyromelana and L. mexicana, but with clear differences.

For the time being, this species has the second (L.herrerae) smallest distribution area, though it is expected, if thorough research is done about it, the habitat will be larger than it is now known.

No terrarium data are known.


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